VY Digital Marketing is a full services marketing agency structured in a way to ensure projects move along swiftly, and utilize the skills of our account managers, project managers, media planners, and strategic developers, as well as our writers, designers, editors, copywriters, editors, coders, digital strategists, and web developers, to achieve the best results possible.
AT VY Digital Marketing we provide outstanding service and innovative marketing and online solutions to maximize results for our clients.


The client’s needs, organizational vision, goals, and opportunities are the motivation for all of our solutions. Considering your business needs, the consumer’s perspective and global market trends, VY Digital Marketing creates inventive solutions that create a measurable difference in your business.

VY Digital Marketing takes multiple approaches when conducting and composing digital strategies, but these four steps we follow by the rules:

  1. Identifying the opportunities and challenges where solutions can be provided online.
  2. Diagnose the unmet customer and user’s needs and goals that align with the client’s business objectives.
  3. Develop a perception around how online assets can fulfil goals and needs.
  4. Register the perception to deliver in small measurable phases.

In each of the steps, we apply numerous techniques such as;


To maintain a competitive lead, we want to know everything about our competitors operations. What they do, how they do it and what their approach is on digital marketing and how we at VYDM can achieve better results in the same capacity.

VYDM works to fully understand the competitive landscape by evaluating competitor brands, marketing campaigns and messaging with the goal of understanding the competitive prospects. This helps us understand customers and users and facilitates us to calculate their expectations.


By extensive research on your customers and users, VYDM’s experienced research team finds out as much as we can about them. Listening labs, one-on-one interviews, market research, questionnaires and user feedback analysis are just a few ways VYDM analyzes and prioritizes your customers’ needs and requirements to obtain the best fitting digital solution.

This gives us a clear picture of your customers and users behavior and requirements from you to ensure your success.


Understanding where business, technology and user experience meet is essential so that our team makes knowledgeable decisions and fulfill design requirements as well as provide innovative solutions.

Business Analysts at VYDM are determined to provide comprehensive strategies by determining customer and user goals, business goals, flowcharts, quantitative analysis and research reports to assist you along the way.


By utilizing the Business Requirement Document, after careful analysis and elicitation of the business requirements, VYDM defines the customer & user, legal and market needs of the application.


Exploring and collecting crucial online insights and learning is what our qualitative research is all about. VY Digital Marketing gets a better grasp on motivations, underlying reasons and opinions and you get to take your brand to a whole new level after a firm understanding of what needs to be enhanced or altered.


With the help of surveys, questionnaires and other tools aid us in getting to know you, your customers and their users a little better. Therefore, these tools structured specifically to getting to know their point of view on how your product or market can be enhanced to help your digital strategies.


We develope summary personas and user scenarios. This characterize your target audience and what are their aims of accomplishment are. When users interact with your brand VY Digital Marketing uses these personas that endow us to better understand customer and user aims, beliefs and the resulting behaviors.


Side by side with your team, our dedicated teamwork to conduct interviews with the main stakeholders and interactors of the project to get a better understanding their goals, strategies and challenges.

All information collected in this phase is important to comprehend where business, technology, customer and user experience meet. This understanding helps us make informed decisions in strategy and designs.

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